Your very own desk
24/7: You'll get your own key
€ 312 / month

Access to any open seat
Office hours: 9:00 -18:00 hours
1 day / week: € 52 / month
2 days / week: € 104 / month
3 days / week: € 156 / month
4 days / week: € 208 / month
5 days / week: € 260 / month

Good to know


  • Ape to Zebra Collective is a creative coworking space focussed on design and communication.
  • The space will be mainly used as office space, but simple and small craftwork can be done in our special assigned craft corner. Occasionally we us the space for photo shoots
  • Ape to Zebra Collective is an open office space which means that we have to take each other into account. Music over the amplifier can be played, but can also be canceled by anyone who needs a bit less distraction.
  • Loud and long telephone - or Skype calls can be distractive to other members. You can also make your calls in the conferemce room (if available) or in the patio (if it’s not raining cats and dogs).


  • conference room (fair use; approx. 15 hours per month on full week membership)
  • guest use: fair use (approx. 10 hours per month on full week membership)
  • high speed internet
  • 0,5 m2 storage (Fixed Desk exclusive)
  • fair-use of A3 color printer
  • small kitchen including refrigirator, microwave and cooktop 
  • tea and coffee
  • patio / garden
  • security system
  • household insurance (theft, fire)
  • postal address usage
  • address for registration Chamber of Commerce 
  • central heating (floor)
  • well ventilated
  • weekly cleaning

Conference Room

  • 4-8 people
  • 40” HD Monitor
  • Apple TV connection
  • HDMI Connection
  • reservations meeting room through shared calender

Additional options

  • shared lunch  (€3 additional cost per lunch)
  • full HD monitor on your desk


  • minimal period: 3 month
  • payment in advance at the start of the month
  • VAT will be added to the mentioned membership prices
  • Deposit of 1 month that will be returned at the end of the subscription
  • notice period: 3 month for Fixed / 1 month for Flex
  • members are accountable for demages to the office space or the goods of other members


  • shared Google calender
  • WiFi key
  • digital key for front door
  • security alarm code
  • instructions for entering and leaving