Ape to Zebra is an Amsterdam based full service communication and design agency. We form a small, dynamic group of creative thinkers and designers,and are always ready to respond or adapt quickly to every situation. We serve clients of all sizes and backgrounds. From a small local operating craft beer brewery to a international community build around self-tracking projects. One day we create a promotional video for an upcoming art- exhibition and the next day we work on a website for architects. This wide range of clients and projects keeps us sharp and highly motivated.

process & strategy

When you think about engaging with us, you can expect a clear process, based on crisp estimates in which we indicate how long each part of that process will take us. Depending on the size of the project we form a team and get cracking.

In this initial phase we will look together for what is driving and motivating you, but also what problems and challenges you encounter. Familiarize ourselves with each other. Without focusing on the final application, we learn about the story that needs to be told. 

Now we know who you are and what you need, we get to it. We develop a concept that will fit with your ambitions. Whether its an identity or a website, this will be its foundation. A new design, new information structure, a fresh look or different approach. This will be the future.

In this phase the concept transforms to a complete product. Clear messaging and outspoken design; your story will come to life so it can attract the attention it needs. We’ll keep an eye on the overall story and we’ll zoom in on the details. A complete design will be connected to a content structure that works best for you.

The result of our joint efforts can now be shared with the world! 
The website goes live and we should not let this go by unnoticed. 

Content Strategy
Journeys / Personas


Creative Strategic
Brand Positioning
Brand Strategy
Creative and Art Direction
Creative Concepts and Development
Branding and Identity


Visual Identities
Graphic Design
Offline / Online


Teaming up with specialists in any field of expertise gives us the possibility to serve you across practically every medium. Besides the obvious digital and printed media, we also can assist you in the creation of photography, videos, copy, interactive installations and much more. 

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Gert Willem Visser Video editing
Strak Design
Heerko van de Kooij Interactive installations

Gary Berendsen Editing and motion design
Jane Szita Copy writing

Aram&Jur Directing, filming, editing
Pedri Animation Stop motion animation
Koopmans Drukkerij printwork
Webrandt Development
ASD Development 
Barbara Pillipp Design

Joeri van Oostwaard Copy writing

Johan Klungel Illustration
Marc Driessen Photography
Telartis Development
Marco van Bon Development

All Things Moving Illustration, animation
Joost van Brug Video/Photography
42Functions Development
Edgar Walthert Font design 
Aaron Howell Development

Studio September Development
Maarten van Gelder Development

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