abc (amsterdam brain and cognition)

In search of our true identity: Who are we really? How do we take decisions? How do we process the daily information overload? How does this influence our behaviour? The Amsterdam Brain and Cognition centre serves as a platform and community for cognitive scientists interested in a wide range of Cognitive Science topics.

Ape to Zebra was asked to design the corporate identity for ABC. We felt it needed to reflect the mysterious world of the brain and the scientific, investigative nature of the organization. The style is mainly expressed in a series of posters in which the brain transforms and reacts to the topic of the lectures they promote. Furthermore, we visually and technically support the yearly Brain Day event.


Visual Identity


poster series


Ape to Zebra found the perfect balance to support our centre within the strict guidelines given, and developed a solution that fits within the framework of the UvA corporate design, yet gives ABC its own strong and recognisable visual identity. They work fast and with passion, in long term planning and with last minute requests. Always with a creative spark and, besides all: they are great fun to work with!

Christine Dirac
Program Manager Amsterdam Brain and Cognition