The mbo (Secondary vocational education) is in transition; mbo’ers are also called students nowadays, new initiatives are helping students to follow up on their education and now there is This platform, that was launched by the minister of Education, gives the future mbo-students more overview and grip on the complicated proces of choosing their educational and professional future.

We designed the identity, determined the look and feel of the website and developed the campaign around kiesmbo: wat je kiest ben je zelf (you are what you choose). By taking a good look on yourself and trusting on your interests, you will make the choice that suits you. 

Visual Identity

Estate Digital


logo basis
The basis for the identity of exists of the square with KIES and MBO. The name can be written in different fonts and the square can be any colour imaginable, as long as the combination has enough contrast. This is to emphasize variatity and richness in the world of MBO. Visally creating more coherency through diversity. 

Different fonts and colours are used through out different items within the identity. The online platform uses a automatic colour combination generator, so every visit is visually distinctive.

Online color generator, off line colorset


Logo variations

Kiesmbo-A2 afficheKiesmbo-A2 affiche

‘We are getting nothing but compliments. Ape to Zebra really understood the role of our users and created a recognizable and unique identity.’

Dagmar Brandt – MBO Raad
Odile Sondermeijer – Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven