Under the name of Modemuze, a growing number of Dutch museums with unique fashion and costume collections are collaborating to present these collections online. As Modemuze, they aim to connect a growing amount of Dutch fashion and costume collections and present them as a source of inspiration for fashion lovers, students and professionals. Besides presenting the beautiful and delicate fashion collections, Modemuze is a interactive platform for focusing and sharing a wide range of expertise.

The initiative has won several awards. Part of the succes is due to the enthusiastic ‘Mobiele Modemuze’. These committed fashionistas blog on their field of expertise and spread the word on all kind of fashion events. Another highly appreciated characteristic is that Modemuze managed to connect the different institutions with this much more valuable collection as a result.

In a very early stage Ape to Zebra was asked to create a fitting visual identity. This resulted in the delicate black and white logotype and monogram (the fashion objects will add all the necessary color!). We created the website that integrated the different collections, a concept for social media, an e-mail newsletter and collateral for the ‘Mobiele Modemuze’ to hand-out material at events. Ape to Zebra was also involved by creating concepts for highly interactive and visual theme pages and thesauruses.

Visual Identity

Web development Finalist