uck (utrechts centrum
voor de kunsten)


UCK is the art education institute of the city of Utrecht. A place where everybody can develop their personal skills in the field of fine arts. With a wide range of courses, lessons, workshops and projects in all disciplines UCK helps people to strengthen their creative power. 

In 2013 we developed their visual identity and recently they asked us to do a restyle with the explicit wish to give more 'visual freedom’ to the different departments (disciplines). However this couldn’t in any way conflict with the overall visual identity of the UCK. In other words, every discipline should have its own characteristics but they should also be recognizable as expressions of the UCK. We gave each discipline its own 'sublogo' with a characteristic graphic element. Combined with a playfull editorial approach and a rich color palette these elements form a ‘visual toolbox’ that provides a dynamic completion of the discipline styles. 


Visual Identity

Michiel Spijkers

Sublogos for the various departments

Annual campaign 'voor eigenaardige types'